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About Social Work Peterborough

Peterborough is a great place to live and develop your career as a social worker. From a career perspective the city offers both challenge and a network of support. Our existing social care specialists tell us that they gain great job satisfaction thanks to the successful outcomes they are able to secure. The breadth of needs in the city means that no two days are ever the same, and with the support of a visible and well-led team our people feel that they are given the tools they need to make a difference.

Since 2017 our children’s service teams have adopted the innovative multi disciplinary Family Safeguarding model. The model brings together a blend of children’s social workers and adult professionals to provide a more holistic and efficient method of care which gives social workers more control.

There is already a strong social care team but we are seeking to strengthen it with the appointment of new, enthusiastic people that will help us rely less on the use of agency support. That way, we will deliver continuity of care for our clients, build an even stronger, collaborative team and save significantly on costs, which can be reinvested in the city in other ways.

Aside from the outstanding working environment, Peterborough offers a rich and appealing lifestyle with options for everyone. Whether you enjoy life in a dynamic city centre environment or prefer quiet suburbs or friendly villages, there are plenty of options to suit everyone.

”Services for children in Peterborough are good and have improved significantly since the last inspection in 2015.” – Ofsted report, 2018