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Case Studies

Find out what our social work team think about working at Peterborough City Council.

Meet Bethany

Bethany Smith is a senior social worker with the children in care team at Peterborough City Council.

She joined the local authority in December 2018 and has been a children’s social worker for almost four years.

“I love coming to work and different things happen in the day that maybe you weren’t expecting. You’re never ever going to get bored in this job.”  

As a member of the children in care team, Bethany works with children or young people for a long period of time.“The children are fantastic and I really enjoy working with them. They make me laugh every day and you build really strong relationships with them. That’s really meaningful.”

As well as enjoying the job itself, Bethany feels supported by her colleagues and senior managers at Peterborough, something her previous jobs have lacked.

“When I’ve had a difficult day, I feel like management always recognise that it isn’t always easy and say thank you. My senior manager knows when I need to hear this and takes notice of the good work I’ve done. In previous jobs, this was never normally noticed.

“At Peterborough, the managers like to know what you’ve done and have time to listen. They know when we need that boost. It’s not all about being recognised for what you do, but when you’re struggling, it really does mean a lot,” said Bethany.

One of the reasons I’ve stayed at Peterborough for 19 years is the support you get from your managers and peers.

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