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Peterborough has a fast and efficient public transport system. Peterborough train station is on the East Coast mainline and from there you can be in London in less than an hour. The bus service is affordable, comprehensive and reliable. Plus the city runs a car-share service allowing you to find people who use a similar route to keep both costs and your carbon footprint down. A recent survey also found that the average Peterborough commute is faster than any other city in the UK.

Peterborough is perfectly positioned in the UK in terms of transport. It has the A1(M) on its doorstep for great road connections. It is also only an 80 minute journey from Stansted Airport and offers easy access direct to some of the biggest cities including Newcastle, London and Birmingham. It caters to all your transport needs.

Our social workers have told us that they are able to get to almost all of their services users in a maximum of 20 mins from their office base. This means they spend less time travelling and more time with the people that need them.