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Heads of Service

Peterborough City Council has three heads of service within Children’s Services. They are responsible both for ensuring their own area is performing effectively, and for working together so that children’s services as a whole is joined up and working well. They work in partnership with the Head of Service for Disability Social Care 0-25 Service, which sits within Adult social care.

The Head of Service is both operational and strategic, with each leader gaining a good overview of how the service is working as a whole, the difference it is making around the city and how they can make changes to improve things further.

All the heads of service see the personal support of their teams as a core element of their role. They always make time to talk to individual team members about specific cases or any other issues affecting them.


Anita Hewson, Head of Service, Disability Social Care 0-25 Service.


Myra O’Farrell, Head of Service, Corporate Parenting 


Lydia Bennett, Head of Service, Family Safeguarding and Assessment

Jenny Goodes, Head of Service, Integrated front Door (MASH)