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Assistant Directors

Integrated Leadership Team

We have recently completed a reorganisation of the responsibilities of the Assistant Director roles within Children’s services. There are three Assistant Directors in Children’s service’s in Peterborough, all have responsibility across Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council.

Nicola Curley – Assistant Director Integrated Front Door, Early Help, Assessment and Family Safeguarding (interim service director)

Nicola has management responsibility for the Integrated Front Door, Early Help services, Assessment and Family Safeguarding services to children in need, in need of protection and those in care proceedings across the two authorities.

Nicola qualified as a social worker in 1994 at the University of Edinburgh. She chose social work because she was seeking a challenging and valuable career in an area that played to her strong sense of ethics. Her first role was as a children and families social worker in the London Borough of Hounslow. Nicola worked her way through the ranks in a number of roles in many areas before joining Peterborough City Council as Assistant Director in March 2015 where she implemented the trailblazing Family Safeguarding model in 2017.

Nicola encourages those seeking a dynamic and fulfilling challenge to join her team in Peterborough. She knows that there is a lot to be gained from working within a People and Communities Directorate, where all resources are grouped together. To Nicola, the ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity in Peterborough provides a rich cultural learning experience for social workers, and the council offers excellent support for people to develop their career and skills. From a personal perspective, Nicola values the support she receives from the committed political and corporate leadership in the Council, and the culture where all areas work together to achieve success for the people of Peterborough. The size of the City enables an environment that is creative and flexible as well as solution focused. But Nicola is particularly rewarded when the impact of system and practice changes are seen almost immediately, with an obvious improvement to outcomes for children. Most of all, she values how special it feels when the team gets it right.


Alison Bennett Assistant Director, Safeguarding and Quality Assurance

Alison has management responsibility for the overarching Safeguarding and Quality Assurance arrangements across Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council. Her remit includes the Independent Review Officers; Independent Chair for the Child Protection Conferences; Designated Officers; Audit, Review and Practice Improvement; Complaints Service(CCC); Participation Service; Independent Visitors; the Principal Child and Family Social Worker across the two authorities. 

Alison began her career over 20 years ago as a front line social worker with children and families in the the London Borough of Camden and her career has encompassed management and leadership roles in a variety of services including front door; assessment; long term; corporate parenting as well as a leadership role at CAFCASS. Alison enjoyed her time in operational services but wanted to make a more systematic contribution to creating the safe, supportive working environment and learning culture that she sees as essential to enable the children’s social care workforce to flourish. She joined the Quality Assurance Service at Peterborough City Council in 2013 and has led on quality assurance across all children’s social care domains and for a short period her role also covered Adult Social Care. In 2018 Alison became responsible for Quality Assurance across Cambridgeshire County Council as well, which she feels has been a great opportunity to share learning and best practice. 

Alison places great emphasis on communication and the importance of relationships at all levels in the organisation. She feels strongly that success in delivering the best outcomes for children can only be achieved collectively.