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Assessed and Supported Year in Employment

The ASYE is a one-year programme that supports and develops newly qualified social workers (NQSWs). It consolidates what you have learned during your degree and supervises you through a gradually increasing caseload.

NQSWs reflect on their progress, are observed at various points and create a personal development plan. You are assessed on the Knowledge and Skills Statements (KSS) and Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF).

Each NQSW has a supervisor (usually someone different from their team manager) who works closely with them and provides regular supervision. Progress reviews are held at three, six and eleven months to track how each person is doing. The NQSW is observed at work and also work with their supervisor to create their portfolio for the year.

Peterborough deliver a structured and supported ASYE programme, which aims to focus on the consolidation of learning from social work training and the development of the skills and confidence to meet the demands of the social worker role.

This includes a programme of workshops specifically aimed at NQSWs as well as regular peer supervision using the Action Learning model. The programme is designed to encourage networking across adult and children’s services and to facilitate good cross-organisational relationships, through which candidates can learn about other service areas in Peterborough, within the context of their learning and development.

A member of the Workforce Development Team is dedicated to supporting NQSWs with their progress. NQSW’s are also able to access the training which is available to all social workers within Peterborough City Council.