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Family Safeguarding

Family Safeguarding is the new practice model in Peterborough that has received such positive national coverage and the recognition of the Department for Education. Find out more.

The six teams in Family Safeguarding work with children and their families to improve their situations. The social workers in this area build relationships with both the children and adults and work with them over months or even years.

The social workers work with colleagues as part of a multi-disciplinary team which includes; adult mental health workers, drug and alcohol recovery workers, and adult domestic violence workers.

The issues often faced include domestic abuse and violence, addiction, poverty and deprivation. The Family Safeguarding teams work with children in need, child protection and care proceedings, in partnership with other professionals.

Roles in this team suit a wide range of personality types, especially those who are good at building relationships and are resilient to setback. The teams use motivational interviewing as their method of engagement with the families.

“Children’s lived experiences are at the centre of practice and, as a result, they benefit from good, timely decision-making. The participation of, and direct work with, children and families are key strengths.”– Ofsted report, 2018