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Targeted Youth Support Service (TYSS)


The Targeted Youth Support Service (TYSS) is a new and innovative service focused on offering a range of specialist services to young people aged 13-18 and their families. Targeted Youth Support works collaboratively with internal and external partners to provide seamless and layered support to the most vulnerable young people in the City.   We work with young people in the criminal justice system, those assessed as being a Child in Need, at risk of exploitation, substance misuse or violence, exclusion, homelessness and many other areas of need.

The symbiotic nature of the services in TYSS, integration of systems, processes and communication affords better opportunities to manage and reduce risks in often very complex cases. The ability to be able to escalate and de-escalate support for young people and families at the right time, in the right place, by the right worker is directly related to the TYSS ability to reduce demand on Children’s Social Care, reducing numbers of Children in Care and reducing the need for escalation to Child Protection.

TYSS is made up of two different levels of support, our Intensive teams – Youth & Family, including Imminent Risk of Care  (iROC) and Youth Offending; and our Community & Interventions services which include or NEET support work, parenting group, 1 to 1 mentoring and national programmes such as National Citizens Service and Prince’s Trust.

Our multi-skilled and multi-agency staff team is made up of Social Workers, Youth & Family Workers, Young People’s Workers, NEET workers, Psychologists, YOT Officers, Probation, Police, Prince’s Trust and NCS workers. We sit within the People and Communities Directorate currently but work closely with Children’s Social Care to ensure robust partnership working and that cases are picked up by the most appropriate team.

TYSS intensive Support (Youth & Family and Youth Offending)

Youth & Family Team For those young people (13-18) or families who present with the issues highlighted above but who require more intensive levels of support, or who present with higher levels of need, including young people assessed as CIN or presenting as homeless. Referrals come through the Contact Centre, MASH, Family Safeguarding or Assessment teams. Work includes:​

  • Child and Family Assessments for young people aged 13-17​ Working with young people aged 13-17 subject to Child In Need Plans​
  • Partnership working with social care, housing and families to prevent homelessness​
  • Imminent Risk of Care Team (iROC) Intensive family support where there is an imminent risk of a young person aged 13-17 becoming a child in care​

Youth Offending Team YOS work with young people aged 10-18 who have been convicted by the courts of an offence and sentenced to a statutory court order. Pre-court work includes young people referred by the police for work to support a youth caution or other out of court disposal. Referrals come from the police for pre-court work and direct from the courts​

‘To work together as a partnership to support families, reduce and prevent offending and harm caused by young people, and keep victims and the community safe’. ​ – The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Youth Justice Vision

Community and Interventions Support

NEET Team – coordinates and delivers our statutory duty to track and report the numbers of young people in learning and training as well as support those age 16 – 25 to remain in education, employment or training.   Through the TYSS the team are supporting other statutory services such as SEND, Children in Care, Care Leavers and those in the Youth Justice System to meet their statutory objectives around NEET young people. ​

Young People Worker Team –  Provides one to one mentoring for young people, this work supports our statutory services by working with young people stepping out of social care and with our high risk youth offending clients.  The young peoples workers also delivery the services Teen PPP parenting programme as well as run small group work with targeted young people around specific themes.

National Citizens Service – Delivers 4 week programme in summer and autumn to young people in year 11 and 12.  The programme brings together young people from different backgrounds and helps them develop greater confidence, self-awareness and responsibility. It encourages personal and social development by working on skills like leadership, teamwork and communication.  Peterborough City Council delivers around 300 places of this programme a year.

Princes Trust Team – The TYSS runs a very successful PTT personal development programme for around 40 young people 16 – 25 who are not in education, employment or training.  The programme is 12 weeks long and has a range of elements to build confidence, employability and citizenship.